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Last updated: 2023-02-05

It's annoying to copy and paste chat records from slack into other documents (e.g. Google Docs), even as plain text, due to various reasons: spacing, time values, emoji status icons, etc.

This page allows you to strip out formatting from chat records so it's easier to copy and paste as plain text. There's a surprising amount of state when it comes to slack messages, names, integrations, etc., and to make this functional I need to make some assumptions (listed below). This script also breaks whenever slack makes seemingly innocuous UI changes, which I can only assume happen in A/B tests and/or staged rollouts.

Consequently this tool might be broken at any given time! But it's free so you're getting what you paid for. It also relies heavily on regex and regex is always an adventure. Shout out to the real MVP,

This script makes no external requests! Your slack conversations are cleaned client-side only.

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